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Ric L Anderson

Ric L. Anderson

Ric L. Anderson is a seasoned Senior Executive with extensive experience in Consumer Products; Retail and Wholesale Sales and Marketing. Ric’s career has evolved into a focus on building strategic business models, brand positioning and the use of “the Power of Culture”. To complete his strategies, Ric uses his skills and expertise in P &L management, multi-channel revenues models, marketing, distribution, wholesale and multi-store operations. He is currently seeking opportunities in large and mid-level firms, where he can use his skill sets to add value, drive sales and increase profit.

It is Ric’s facility for developing, achieving alignment, and executing innovative strategy models to position an organization for aggressive market share growth and profitability in an intensely competitive marketplace, that showcase his abilities.

A forward thinker, Mr. Anderson demonstrates the unique skill sets needed to analyze a marketplace for most product categories and adeptly transition the brand, within continually changing environments. He has been rated by Psychological Associates, as being in the top 10% of Senior Executives for his ability to understand cause/affect relationships and strategic abilities.

Most recently, Mr. Anderson served as the VP/GMM of Footwear ($750M) for Sears, where he led the team to the best performing Softlines Division for the last two years. He initiated new, innovative processes and revenue channels to achieve the division’s goals.

Prior to Sears, Ric worked with a Private Equity firm to create a merchandising, marketing and branding template for a retail chain investment that allowed the company to achieve sustainable growth, increase profits, and have scalability.

Ric has a broad background as a Senior Executive in merchandising, product development, and brand marketing; having experience with such companies as: Harry & David, Saks Inc., Federated Department Stores, Fossil, May Co., and Neiman Marcus.

Mr. Anderson lives in McKinney, Texas, with his wife Judy, son Andy and daughter Amy. In addition to involvement with his family, Ric enjoys tennis, reading, movies, and opportunities to have a positive impact on people’s lives in the community.


INNOVATION: Identified and executed a $20M chocolate wholesale opportunity at Harry & David; Developed revolutionary open sell Footwear Department at Sears; increased sales by 1000bps.

ENTREPRENEUR: Pioneered and led teams that created: Fossil Leather Division, Harry & David Chocolate, and Intimate Div. for Russell Newman.

STRATEGIC BUSINESS MODELS: Created master merchandising, brand, and marketing strategy for specialty store chain, resulting in increased sales, reduced inventory, higher turns, and $1M savings in marketing expenses. Increased GM% by 600bps over 4 years;

P&L RESPONSIBILITIES: $750M division of Sears Footwear; Achieved highest margin rate in history of the company. P &L: Fossil Leather, Harry & David Stores, and Russell Newman.

MULTI-CHANNEL REVENUE MODELS: Initiated and developed e-Commerce Strategy for Sears Footwear (120% growth); Developed $100M B2B strategy; created new direct to customer E-mail strategy including virtual catalogs; Re-established direct mail as a product revenue channel.

LEADERSHIP and CULTURE: Achieved highest cultural survey rating for all Sears Merchants with a team of 30+ merchants and support personnel.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Ric has shopped trends, developed/sourced product, and negotiated partnerships with leading manufacturers in 14 countries and 4 continents.